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Print and do sheets for consonant Clusters
Print and Do sheets for long vowel sounds

Reading/Language Arts Curriculmn Map
First 9 Weeks Second 9 Weeks Third 9 Weeks Fourth 9 Weeks
Capitalize pronoun I

Capitalize beginning of Sentence
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Capitalizenames of People

Identify picture depicting a conclusion

Draw a conclusion from stated information

Identify picture showing details from sequence

Follow oral directions
Follow 3 step directions

Predict outcome of orally read passage
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Classify objects and pictures

Identify the Title page
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Identify initial sound of written word
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Match two words/pictures with same initial sound

Match word to a given picture
Use chunks to match word to picture

Match a picture to a given word

Identify final sound
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Write lower case letters

Write first/last name

Understand story
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Make inferences from short passage

Infer character feeling from short passage

Make prediction based on cover of book


Uses period
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Uses question mark
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Recognizes correct capitalization

Identify setting of orally read story

Identify picture showing details from story

Identify picture showing directions from story

Listen to and understand story - recreational

Select picture for given sentence

Identify order of events in a given selection

Identify describing word for picture

Identify words with same consanant blends as given

Identify words with same consonant digraph as given

Identify words with same interior vowel sounds
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Long Vowel Sound Game
Choose t he middle sound
Short aShort eShort iShort oShort u

Write upper case letters

Title a given picture and write short story

Alphabetize to the first letter of word
Alphabet Zoo-ABC order

Edit written works for verb tense

Responds logically to questions

Follows 2 & 3 step direction 

Identify and use apostrophes with contractions

Capitalize holidays

Identify and use exclamation point

Order events in correct sequence

Identify written contraction for 2 read wrods
Contraction memory

Identify words used to make contractions

Select picture predicting orally read passage

Listen to and understand functional text
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Listen to and understand a poem

Select picture or word completing rhyming poem

Identify picture matching two given sentences

Identify word to complete sentence

Select word to complete sentence

Identify picture for 1 or 2 read sentences

Identify sequence in a short passage

Draw conclusion for short passage

Identify correct sentence sequence

Identify complete /incomplete sentences
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Silly Sentence Machine

Analyze series of words and identiy incorrect word

Locate words in a glossary

Alphabetize to second letter of word

Identify word defined by orally read phrase

Identify compound words

Left to right progression

Sequence 4 picture cards


Complete sentence with subjec-verb agreement
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Select the best written sentence

Recognize the correct capitalization for the months of the year

Capitalize proper nouns

Capitalize cities and state

Identify the endmarks for orally read sentence

Recall details from a sequence of information
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Identify the main idea in an orally read passage

Make inferences from an orally read passage

Employ the use of critical listening skills

Listen to and understand nonfiction, informational text
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Identify details from a nonfiction passage

Demonstarte conprehension of a literary selection by recalling and discussing characters, setting, sequence of events and illustrations
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Identify the main idea from a short passage
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Select appropriate title for a given passage

Identify details from reading passages

Write a sentence that best concludes a story

Edit for correct sentence structure, capitalization and punctuation

Use correct spelling with both long and short sounds of vowels
Long Vowel letter patterns
Spelling Common Words

Identify correctly spelled words when context is given orally

Read and understand an informational, nonfiction story
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Use a table of contencts to locate desired information

Makes logical story endings

Uses age appropriate vocabulary

Recites address

Recites the alphabet in order


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